• The Turboscratcher: Fun for Your Cat AND You

    Watch the ball go around and around and around. The Turboscratcher will provide hours of entertainment for your cat…and maybe even you!

  • Back by Popular Demand: Another Ice Cream Social!

    Join us at our in-store event on Tuesday, September 14 from 5-7 PM. Bring your pup to sample our new bone broth and yogurt-based frozen treats from Nugget’s Healthy Eats.

  • The Snoop: Our Favorite Enrichment Toy

    Keep your pup busy with The Snoop from Planet Dog! Your dog will enjoy pouncing, nudging, and sniffing out the treasure inside!

  • We’re Retailer of the Year!

    We are extremely humbled and grateful to have been named the Pet Product News International “Retailer of the Year” in the health and wellness advocate category at SuperZoo 2021!

  • Is My Dog ‘Too Old’ for a Raw Diet?

    Senior pet owners often dismiss the idea of raw feeding because the animal is ‘too old.’ While nutrition is never one-size-fits-all, it’s also never “too late” to switch foods or to supplement with fresh food. If your pet has reached its golden years, improving their diet can be one of the most powerful changes you can make to maximize their healthspan.

  • FAQ: Can I Feed My Cat Raw Food? YES! The feline digestive system has evolved to digest raw meat very efficiently but lacks enzymes that break down dry food (carbohydrates). A raw food diet can be extremely beneficial for a kitty at any age! Pro Tip: When buying raw food for your pets, always choose products sold specifically for animal consumption.
  • What is HPP? | Why does It Matter?

    High-Pressure Pasteurization is an extremely high-pressure process that eradicates harmful pathogens in raw pet food while preserving the SAME nutritional value.

    DID YOU KNOW? Most jams, jellies, fruit juices, and packaged dips are treated with HPP.

  • NorthPoint Pets Is Officially One Of ‘America’s Coolest’ Pet Businesses!

    We’ve been chosen as one of ‘America’s Coolest’ by PETS+ Magazine in its fifth annual contest.

  • Come Celebrate National Dog Day with Us! August 24th,  5-7pm Meet Kevin from Instinct to learn about the new Longevity Pet Food. PLUS the first 25 customers will receive a goodie bag* with any purchase! *Purchase necessary RSVP on Facebook >
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  • At NorthPoint Pets we pride ourselves on research based pet nutrition with an individual approach, dedicated to finding an appropriate solution for every pet. We’re trying to help your pets stay happier, and healthier, longer. Four Paws at a time.

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