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Local Independent Pet Store

Your Local Independent Pet Store

In Cheshire, CT

There’s something powerful about being the little guy. It allows you to operate with a fierce independence, and do what’s right rather than what’s easy. We’ve build our business around these facts.


At NorthPoint Pets, we’re the nationally awarded, independent little guy. We offer the products made with your pet’s health, rather than the bottom line in mind. We research obsessively to learn how we can provide the best service, knowledge and products for your pet. You won’t find alot of products at NorthPoint Pets that you find on Chewy or at the big box retailers, and thats by design. Stop into NorthPoint Pets to experience the difference.


We're able to provide an unparalleled customer experience because our team of dedicated experts are ingrained with the knowledge you need to inform your decisions. Ask a question to one of our teammates and see what we're talking about.


We stock the highest quality products, like raw foods and supplements that we've extensively researched to make sure your pet gets the healthiest food exclusively tailored to their needs.

Whether it's looking at the products in our store, or talking to customers we try to keep transparency at the front of the conversation. It's important that you know what you're feeding your pet, so we'll never do anything to hide that from you.

Conveniently Located in Cheshire, CT

Our location in Central Connecticut makes us convenient to both New Haven and Hartford and positions us to serve most of the state. Stop by the store to see the difference in shopping at an independent pet store.


943B South Main St.
Cheshire, CT

Award-Winning, and Open for Business

In 2020 we were named the #1 Pet Store in the United States By Pet Business Magazine. It’s no small feat for a small shop from Cheshire, CT. As dictated by the times, we’ve opened our doors, but also allow for online ordering, and local curbside pickup.

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