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Police and Working Dogs (Form Test)

A Commitment to Service

NorthPoint Pets is a nationally recognized resource for local, regional and national working dogs, their handlers and communities. Our expertise in the specific needs of working dogs starts with our leadership. Our owner, Nicole Cammack is an expert in working dog nutrition and has lectured some of the most respected K9 training and law enforcement teams throughout the US. She regularly contributes to many national and international publications, blogs and conferences discussing new science, research and trends, while being asked to share her work at national and international conferences and seminars year after year. With her expertise and guidance, NorthPoint Pets is proud to serve the police and working dog communities.


In addition to nutrition consulting, NorthPoint supplies a wide variety of state-of-the-art training and safety equipment from some of the most reliable and well-respected manufacturers – from all over the world including our status as a fully-authorized Garmin Dealer, specializing in GPS tracking devices, including collars and watches to aid in search and rescue operations. Customized equipment and individualized training are also available.

We Can Help With a Custom Nutrition Plan

Our team can provide personalized nutrition recommendations based on individualized needs for each K9 unit and performance goals – including food, feeding schedules, and carefully tailored supplements.

For appointments, phone consultations to discuss your department’s or organization’s specific needs please fill out this form.

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